RANKINGS: A look at 2019 Class

Six Star Football takes a look at 2019 rankings and how they are compiled.

What’s New?

Six Star Football has released its most recent Class of 2019 rankings today, which can be viewed here. The Class of 2020 will be updated soon, and will be followed by our 2021 watch list. The rankings will be updated at the end of the 2018 football season.

About the Rankings

The Six Star Football rankings are done in conjunction with the opinions of several college coaches that we stay in contact with. The rankings mostly reflect future potential at the college level, but also take into account performance and production at the high school level as well.

In general, we look at two primary factors in producing our rankings — film and college coaches. We try to watch as much film as possible, and we communicate with several coaches that provide insight into what they see.

Our rankings probably do reflect the type of offers kids hold, ultimately no matter what we think, it’s the opinion of those colleges who are making the offers that matters most.

However, every player is on a different time line and we try to take that into account.

Ranking athletes from all over the state who play different positions is a daunting task. We do place a premium on certain positions, which is reflected in the rankings. In other words, a quarterback prospect has more value than a special teams player, etc.

Ultimately, the point of the rankings is to provide a list of players that college coaches should take a look as they check out our website. These kind of rankings simply reflect an opinion and fans should take them for what they’re worth.

You can see our latest rankings here.  The 2019 rankings will be updated at the end of the 2018 football season. Additional years (2020, 2021) will be added soon.


There are thousands of players who play high school football across the state, and we can’t see everyone. If you have a player you feel we should check out, please drop us a line at swmobasketball@gmail.com. Include name, school and grade.