STOCK RISERS | Rising Orlando QB prospects to know (2024-25)

Six Star Football takes a look at several rising prospects to know.

STOCK RISERS | Rising Orlando QB prospects to know (2024-25) – We look at some of the top arms and athletes in the Orlando area among ‘24/25 class standouts.  Big time players with strong arms, juniors to be for the 2022 season and guys looking for huge seasons in the coming 2022 season.


Prospects can register for the upcoming Six Star Football RANKINGS ID Showcase at the link where they will be evaluated for future stars, rankings and an invitation to The FINALS All-America Showcase. This event will be held on Saturday, April 9 in Orlando.

Jerome CurryJerome

QB | 5'11" | 180
Oviedo | 2025
, 5’10, 160,QB,2025,Oviedo
Curry is one of the athletes that could be a very impressive looking QB, may be one of those guys that can really emerge into a big time gamer with his speed. Curry had 14 passing touchdowns on the 2021 season and helped Oviedo to 7-1 on the year, he also had a pair of rushing touchdowns, no doubt one of those guys that can either throw or run. Will look to use a power arm and a speed game to be a combo QB to take major notice of.

Blake Hidalgo, 6’3, 190,QB,2024,Bishop Moore @hidalgo_blake9
One of the top sized younger QB prospects in the Orlando area, this 6-3 inch impressive looking physical player from Bishop Moore is a talented player that could be the emerging name to know on the team in the coming years, good looking player who can use his physical strength also to be a very hard QB to bring down with the football in his hands.  Should be a name to know in the 2024 class for Orlando area QBs.

Trever Jackson, 6’2, 180, QB, 2024, West Orange @Future_eraTrev
One of the very impressive looking all-around Orlando class of ‘24 athletes out there, could emerge as the top athlete playing in Orlando at QB for ‘24s, a very impressive speed weapon, good athlete that can use a strong and smooth arm to drop balls is impressive spots for his WRs to make spots, no doubt could be the QB of the future at West Orange and is a name to know entering a big junior season ahead in 2022.

Jacob KaniaJacob

QB | 6'1 | 185
Central Florida Christian | 2024
, 6’1”, 175, QB,  2024, CFCA
Kania is a name to know in the Orlando area for up and coming QB talent, this 6-1, 175 talent out of the CFCA program is a player that we like a lot and one of those QBs in the ‘24 class that can really take over a game from the shotgun, this guy really makes some monster tosses down the field, is a cool customer under pressure and has a nice drop the ball in the right place kind of arm that has been among the tops we have seen for pure strength. Kania is one of several talented QB prospects who will be attending the upcoming RANKINGS ID Showcase in Florida.

Cameron KurzonCameron

QB | 6'0 | 188
Orlando Christian Prep | 2025
, 5’6”, 136, QB, 2025, Boone
Kurzon could be the QB of the future in the coming years, should be interesting to see him develop and use his skills in the coming three seasons for the Braves, no doubt a name to have on the QB radar for Orlando class of ‘25 prospects that could be future offensive impact makers at QB,  Good looking arm strength, a play maker that could be a good one, big things ahead for Cameron at Boone. Kurzon is one of several talented QB prospects who will be attending the upcoming RANKINGS ID Showcase in Florida.

Donovan Lanier, 6’0,QB, 2025, West Orange @LanierDonovan
Lanier is an athlete first and foremost that can really play any skilled position on the football field and use his speed to be a major threat, that includes the QB spot which could be a great fit when needed to be bring that extra big time athlete at that spot for a big play and a running down for his footwork to thrive in and make some impressive runs and big time plays moving the chains at West Orange.    No doubt one of the elite looking Orlando class of ‘25s out there to have on the high radar watch list.

Ty SlainTy

QB | 5'11 | 170
Oviedo | 2024
, 5’11”, 150,QB, 2024, Oviedo @tyslain7  
Slain is a player that can make some big things happen, an Oviedo class of 2024 arm to know, Slain, 5-11, 150, is a player and QB that is one of the unique lefties out there, a quick release, smart play maker at QB, no doubt Ty is a quick operator under center and one of those players that likes to waste no time in getting the ball out of his hands and to his targets down the field and gives them ample time to get up field and make some big plays for the offense to thrive in. Kurzon was one of several talented QB prospects who shined in Boynton Beach at the Six Star Football Florida Showcase. 

Mercer St. John , 6’0”, 165, QB, 2024, Boone @mercerstjohn1
St. John is one of those big time talents, a pure athlete, a big time arm, and a player that Boone could really have as a major leader on the field come 2022, St. John is a QB that can really zip the football in there, one of those guys that has a lot of natural arm strength and will be aided be the big time speed at WR and out of the Boone backfield coming back in 2022 which should be one of the most potent offenses in the city of Orlando.

Justin Touhey, QB, 2024, Timber Creek @touhey_justin
A class of ‘24 talent coming up from Timber Creek, Touhey is a QB that could be a guy whose arm will be impactful and will look to get more and more experience in what looks to be a big junior season ahead at Timberland.  Has a very strong arm and has worked hard to be the best he can be, should be fun to see what role he will play in a big 2022 season ahead for Touhey and Timberland.

📸   courtesy @touhey_justin