WATCH LIST | Broward Area offensive playmakers to know

Six Star Football takes a look at several rising prospects to know.

WATCH LIST | Broward Area offensive playmakers to know –  We look at some of the very impressive looking offensive players coming up to watch out for, players like speedy Nova RB Jamarcus Reed, looking for a big shot to show his impressive running skills in 2022.  Flanagan’s big man 6-6, 305 class of ‘24 OL and prospect Michael ChiplesMichael

OL | 6'6" | 305
Flanagan | 2024
s is a guy that could develop into a big time prospect to know.
– We look at some of the impressive up and coming defensive standouts to watch out for and up and comers on the defensive side of the ball in the 2024 and 2025 classes. A player to know is DE and 2025 Flanagan Defensive End Franklyn Johnson, Jr., a name to know and a player on the rise.


Prospects can register for the upcoming Six Star Football Florida Showcase at the link. This event will be held on Saturday, Jan. 29 at Somerset Academy Canyons in Boynton Beach.


Adedeji Adegborioye, 5’9, 140,WR,2024,Western @shif7ydeji  
Good looking speed athlete, coming up prospect in the 2024 class for Western, Adedeji is a play maker that we look to factor into the mix as a deep threat and go to down field play maker, no  doubt he will look to burn some DBs and be one of those targets that can put his name in the middle of a lot of big plays in 2022.   Good looking athlete and a player that has a good future ahead of him.

Tony Anthony, 6’0, WR, 2023, Flanagan @RichboiiTony  
Looking at whose fast and has good hands that can really play in the Broward Area, no doubt a good looking prospect to be a hot senior is this Flanagan WR Tony Anthony.  Anthony is a player that can get open well and has the speed to be a very hard to cover WR and target, No doubt Anthony is fast and is one of those players that can really turn on his speed and be hard to cover, add in some fine hands and Anthony can become a major problem for defensive backs to have a good answer to.

Jade Card, 6’3, 189,WR/LB,2025,South Broward @JADECARD11 
Card is one of the hottest potential big time WRs to take notice of in the Broward Area for class of 2025 hot prospects.  At 6-3 already Card looks to be a major problem for defensive backs in the coming seasons, no doubt a major athlete and a player that has some of the top potential in the area.

Michael Chipless, 6’6, 305, OL, 2024, Flanagan @Michael87501805 
At 6-6, 305 there is no reason not to get excited about the potential for big man Michael Chipless from Flanagan,  A guy that clearly has the D1 frame and size, both in length 6-6 and weight at 305. Chipless is a big man that can get his man out of the play quickly by using his leverage and great size advantage, Chipless owns the edge and is that great seal off the edge and make room for a big play outer blocker that every good running team loves to have on the team.

Deandre Desinor, 5’9, 170,RB, 2025, North Broward Prep @1deandredesinor
Desinor is one of those very impressive running backs that has wasted no time in becoming a hot prospect and jumping into the heat of the action and making an immediate impact for North Broward Prep.  Desinor is a very impressive back at 170 pounds, and is a runner that can rack up some big games and had 566 yards with seven touchdowns on a big year.  He also averaged 4.4 yards per carry as a freshman and 62.9 yards per game in his nine game at North Broward Prep.

Matthew MejiaMatthew

OL | 5''10 | 220
Western | 2023
, 5’11, 210, OT, 2023, Western @mmejia2004 
Good looking blocker in the trenches, makes the most of aggressive hands and gets a lot of push and power off the snap of the ball, tackle on the end of the offensive line that engages well and dominates his man, a very good power pound for pound lineman, at 210 pounds Mejia more than holds his own against much bigger DL on the rush and is impressive in taking guys out of plays across the line from him.  A name to know in the ‘23 class for the Western High O-Line.

Sinorice Moss, Jr., 5’8, 180,RB,2025, Western @SinoriceMossJr
Looking at a major prospect of the future and a speed running back that is a hard worker and a great looking athlete that really should be one of the hotter class of 2025 athletes coming out of the Broward Area.  Moss is a player that has a very quick first step after handoff, power and speed combo, really a huge star in the making, this guy has D1 written all over him and his speed and frame is huge on talent level and build. Really a fine athlete, makes running the ball look easy already as a freshman  prospect in the 2025 class.

Nkuma Plummer, 5’8, 155,RB/WR,2025,South Broward @NkumaPlummer  
Plummer is a player that is on our watch list coming up in the  2025 class, no doubt a good looking athlete and a player whose speed will be key in the coming years, no doubt his potential to be an impact maker at either and or both running back and wide receiver could really make him one of the future offensive versatility stars to know,  one of those players that should be a fun play maker to watch out for in 2022.

Jamarcus Reed, 5’5, 140,RB,2025,Nova @JamarcusReed2
Reed may not be the biggest guy but we could surely see him becoming a speed threat for the Nova offense over the course of the next three seasons.  This freshman ‘25 grad, at 5-5, 140 will look to put the speed to the field at the RB spot and be a quick hole hitter that can break some big runs for positive gains and really give the Nova offense a go to kind of future back to take some notice of.

Chance Washington, 5’10, 196,RB,2025, Western @ChanceWash
Washington could be one of the next big running back prospects coming up, just a freshman this past 2021 season at Western High School, time is on his side and his size is not bad at all at 5-10 and some powerful 196 pound build out of the backfield could make for a big future as a power back for Washington. Does not look like a freshman at all, really built like a major college prospect already have to love his potential to be a major college prospect. Looks the part, should be a fine rusher in 2022 to watch out for.