Aiden Augustine

Aiden Augustine

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EVALUATED 04/14/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: Big man that had the second best 40 yard dash time among all OL as a ‘28 at the Oklahoma Showcase. Has huge power also, Augustine reports a 275 pound bench, a 515 pound squat 515, and a 510 pound deadlift. A young rising talent and impressive looking OL who has good size and shows solid play strength, due to solid use of hands and footwork. Augustine shows a solid understanding of run game assignments, and uses good technique on combo blocks. He is a solid in pass pro as well, and provides stable protection maintaining a consistent pocket. Aiden plays with solid athletic ability, as he is able to move well in space, securing second level blocks. He shows solid physical and competitive toughness, due to frequently finishing blocks in both the run and pass game.

ANALYSIS: Solid athletic ability, showing solid initial quickness and change of direction in space. He is a good combo blocker in the run game, especially on ace combos. When running gap schemes, he is primarily used on down blocks where he is able to consistently generate a push at the point of attack. In the pass game, he is able to execute the man side and slide side of the protection, due to consistent solid footwork and positioning. Solid in space and in the screen game, due to his athletic ability and positioning. Shows good mental processing pre and post snap, with a good ability to recognize defensive movement and assignments.

GREATEST STRENGTHS: Play Strength, footwork, agility, power, Mental Processing, Run Blocking


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