Six Star 250
NE #79

WR #22

AJ Heffelfinger


Position WR
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EVALUATED 02/18/2021

Anthony AlfieriAnthony Alfieri
Six Star Football Lead Scout

✅.  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A multiple sport athlete who can show off his athleticism in a variety of ways. Has some versatility as both an offensive and defensive option. Can carry the ball from the backfield but also has speed and size needed for safety. A mobile player who has long strides and can get away from DBs in the backfield. Shows creativity in his game as well, able to stop and start and avoid contact and find his way to the edge. Player who can sneak by opponents and win battles over the top and even find his way to the end zone.

✅.   ANALYSIS: An underrated playmaker who has good athleticism and a lot of versatility as an offensive threat. Good instincts and ball control, has good hands and can extend his body and still stay on his feet and pull in the pass. Runs the field well and operates from the slot, can slip past opponents using his speed but also has ability to trick CBs and find clear separation with his route. High IQ player, thin frame but has muscle tone and frame that will add weight with age and likely keep straight line speed. Good hands, completes plays in stride and off routine if ball is underthrown or QB needs help.

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS good hands, toughness, playmaker, conditioning, versatility

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT continued strength training, play through contact, very athletic but needs to accelerate more after changing directions


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