Caden Throneberry

SchoolMorgan Selvidge
Position QB
College -

Scouting Report

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EVALUATED 01/02/2022

Anthony AlfieriAnthony Alfieri
Six Star Football Lead Scout

▪️  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT A two-sport athlete who has some real upside as a prospect moving forward. Also a baseball standout, Throneberry is constantly in the lab grinding and looking for areas to improve his game. He has a coachable mentality and has a good base and a lot of room to improve. A young QB on the rise who shows good progression. 

▪️  ANALYSIS An accurate lefty who has good ball placement and consultancy with his release point and spiral. He has been working on his footwork and is getting better and staying square and getting his feet set before each throw. Has some good zip on short throws and tight window shots and is also able to step into his big throws and find receivers. Is mobile when he needs to be and is also good at making off-script plays and still provide receivers with a catchable ball when he is on the move. 

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS size, arm strength, work ethic, footwork

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT continued strength training, game reps, can be quick to move


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