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EVALUATED 03/10/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

✅  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT:   A class of 2028 Missouri two way talent that has shined this offseason at WR and DB, this Savannah young riser is one of the play makers that really  grabbed our attention with his big play making for STFFA at the Red Zone Elite 7v7 tournament.  Wiley who has good athletic ability, had some very big games and excelled at beating the defender to the spots on the field using several different routes down the field, from cutting across the field to flat out beating his man down the field with speed. His hands are among the more impressive we have seen in the early going for '28s in Missouri football. Wiley also has shown that he is one of the DBs that can read and react with some good timing down the field and is a very strong one on one play maker in traffic.  Cale continues to show us he  has some top notch separation at the top of his routes. He also shows good hands and can catch the ball in traffic, rarely body catching. His mental processing is a big part of his game, as he shows a consistent ability to find holes in zone coverage, and settle in the window. He also shows good competitive toughness in most facets of his game, due to good effort and intensity. It is clear he has a passion for the game, as his energy can be seen on tape.

✅ ANALYSIS: Cale is a good athlete that uses a blend of speed and excellent hands to make the big plays happen down the field. Good athletic ability,  showing good speed with solid acceleration, change of direction, and balance. Wiley has shown he has good release plans vs press with or without a jam, showing good footwork and use of hands to break a jam if needed. Solid stem ability, and good separation at the top of his route. Good hands, showing an ability to pluck the ball with his fingertips and rarely body catch. He can catch in traffic as well, showing good physical toughness over the middle of the defense. Mental processing shows in scramble drill situations, as he consistently breaks off his route and gets open for his team. His competitive toughness is contagious and it is clear his teammates feed off his energy.

✅  GREATEST STRENGTHS: Has very good hands, quickness into his routes, a sharp and crisp route runner, mid-range and deep threat, footwork and agility are top notch down the field.


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