Davon’te McCathern

Davon’te McCathern

Position LB
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EVALUATED 04/14/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: Good athletic ability, showing good speed, change of direction, lateral quickness, and footspeed. Good play strength, due to solid core / core strength and leg drive. On defense, he shows solid mental processing to understand the offensive scheme. Also shows solid block shedding and a good ability to tackle, due to solid use of hands, leg drive, and his competitive nature. Elite competitive and physical toughness, due to an ability to play with relentless effort from snap to finish.

ANALYSIS: At 6-0, 169 pounds, this freshman from Anadarko High School is already one of the edge pass rusher that is makes out radar for edge speed  name to know in Oklahoma football, and looking at his potential and his early agility and mobility there is a lot to be excited about and we look a McCathern to become one of the next gems in that risers class of  '27 among names to know for DE prospects on the radar list. We like Davon'te's quickness to the football, a guy that moves very well on the line and gets one of the quickest jumps off the ball among any freshman prospect we have seen.

GREATEST STRENGTHS: speed, vision, tackling, athleticism


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