Garin Walton

SchoolNorth Kansas City
Position QB
College -

Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee

EVALUATED 05/02/2021

Anthony AlfieriAnthony Alfieri
Six Star Football Lead Scout

✅.  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A young QB who shows good potential at the position. He has a nice frame and good vision and can roll out and make solid throws out of position at times. Has potential as a thrower and game-manager and he already has a good feel for ball placement and where he needs to put the ball. He pays attention and is showing good improvement the more he sees action. A nice player who is still learning how to use all of his tools.

 ✅. ANALYSIS A solid player who has long strides and a good work ethic. Has good instincts and will also be able to stay strong in the pocket. Can make some plays with his legs but also shows some ability to read coverages. He showed improvement the more he was relaxed and had some strong throws when he was using his hips and stepping into his throws. Can drop back well and will need to hit his hips on RPO. Is good at driving forward and has good arm technique and keeps the ball tight as he scans the field. He can struggle with arm strength at times, but it will come naturally when his feet and hips are working.

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS good size, athletic, high IQ for position has good touch, can deliver on-time ball

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT  needs to work on footwork/ legs can get away from him at times, makes too many throws without using his hips, isn’t always square when throwing from the pocket


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