Garren Berry

Position LB
College -

Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee

EVALUATED 05/16/2021

Anthony AlfieriAnthony Alfieri
Six Star Football Lead Scout

▪️  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT A nice young player for Joplin who has a nice feel and confidence to his position. He is a calm player who plays loose and has good rhythm to his playmaking. He was very active at the St. Louis Showcase and Combine and showed a lot of energy and good overall strength. Has been able to take big hits and bruises and is back in healthy form and looking to see action and make things happen defensively. A player ready to make a statement.  

▪️  ANALYSIS A smooth player with good vision and the ability to get to the backfield. He has a good motor and a smart way of making things happen on his own. He can read plays and put himself in a strong position to greet the ball carrier in space and he handles himself well against taller and more experienced opponents. Can get to the ball but also shows some athleticism. He is getting stronger and he learns quickly and improves the more he’s on the field. Shows a lot of creativity when rushing and can fake out opponents and shows some speed as well. He can put too much of his weight into his fakes at times but he gets around blockers and can make strong tackles. 

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS smooth, athletic, creativity, high IQ, developing skill set

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT continued strength training, overall physicality, quickness off the line


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