Gavin Frey

Gavin Frey

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EVALUATED 01/29/2024

Tyler MarionTyler Marion
Six Star Football Regional Scout

✅  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A very impressive looking speed play maker from Highland, Illinois, this sophomore stock riser really works the sidelines well, has some very good hands, and is one of those guys that can make the tough catches, speed down the field is there to make the big plays happen.  Will be looking to be one of the go to juniors for the Highland offense this season ahead and could have a very big year as a top athlete among WRs to know in Illinois football. 

✅  ANALYSIS: A very athletic and fast play maker, some very good hands, a top route runner that can make a big catch, the play maker showed some good skills in the open field to impress at the Kickoff '24 St. Louis Showcase.  A good frame with some size at 6-3 to make some big plays and go up and over DBs down the field. 

✅  GREATEST STRENGTHS: athletic, speedy, good hands, good footwork, and good route runner

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