Isaac Ackerman

Isaac Ackerman

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EVALUATED 01/29/2024

Tyler MarionTyler Marion
Six Star Football Regional Scout

✅  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A junior QB who shows solid size and good athletic ability, paired with some pretty impressive improvisational skills. He is able to avoid the rush and keep his eyes downfield well. His arm talent is a strong point for him as well, consistently showing an ability to throw on time and with accuracy on all levels of the field. His ability to throw on the run highlights his body control and athletic ability. Arm strength is good as well, as he is able to throw the ball with velocity outside the number and downfield. As a runner he is impressive as well, using his athletic ability to manipulate defenders in space and make explosive plays. Expect a big senior season out of Ackerman. 

✅  ANALYSIS: Solid height with solid weight. Shows good athletic ability, due to good speed, acceleration, and good balance, paired with solid lateral agility. Good arm strength and arm accuracy on all levels of the field, showing an above average ability to throw with velocity and accuracy down the field and outside the numbers. Throwing on the run, his accuracy does not dip much at all, due to good body control. His mental processing is a key element of his game, as it shows when he is improvising. He is able to locate targets downfield, and manipulates the defense with his eyes. His competitive toughness is solid as well, as he consistently is showing solid leadership traits throughout the game. 

✅  GREATEST STRENGTHS: Athletic Ability, Arm Talent, Mental Processing


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