Jason Kawaykla

Jason Kawaykla

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EVALUATED 04/13/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A junior QB / ATH who shows good height, paired with very good athletic ability. Kawaykla not only led Chickasha from behind center, but he played some DB and WR as well, making plays at each position. As a QB, he shows a good ability to improvise and make plays outside of the pocket with both his legs and arm. He shows solid pocket presence and an ability to throw with accuracy downfield and outside of the numbers. On defense, he plays with good vision and awareness on the backend. He is able to use his athletic ability and instincts to make plays on the ball against the pass. His competitive toughness is very good as well, as he displays great effort in each role he is asked to play. A willingness to do whatever is necessary to win is very apparent, which highlights his competitive toughness as well. Expect Kawaykla to make a splash in recruiting next season. 

✅ANALYSIS: Good height with solid weight and room to add weight to his frame. He shows very good athletic ability, due to his good speed, acceleration, and balance, while pairing it all with very good change of direction and balance. As a QB he shows solid accuracy on throws down the field or outside the numbers. His pocket presence and footwork is solid as well, showing a good ability to escape the pocket when necessary. On the run, he shows solid accuracy and decision making. When he decides to tuck it and run, he is a very efficient runner, able to convert first downs and big plays. He displays a solid ability to play safety,  as his football instincts take over. His competitive toughness and football intelligence shine, as he shows a willingness and ability to play multiple positions on the field.

✅GREATEST STRENGTHS:  Athletic Ability, Football Intelligence, Competitive Toughness


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