Six Star 250
MO #91

WR #12

Jayden Key


Position WR
College -

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Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee

EVALUATED 07/11/2022

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

▪️  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT A St. Louis native and CBC product, Key is a fast player and an athletic player coming up on this deeply talented CBC team. Key is a very athletic looking young player that can get open and is a good early route runner for his age.  Key showed some excellent hands during the FINALS and was a player that was focused and showed some real playmaking ability for his age. A developing player to keep your eyes on moving forward. 

▪️  ANALYSIS A talented receiving option who has a good combination of size, speed and play making through the air. He is listed at 5'10, 178-pounds and he is light on his feet and is able to make some impressive catches away from his body. He has very good hands, a good catch radius for his age and frame and can even snag some passes with one hand. He is quick with the ball and has a good first step. He can operate both inside and outside the numbers and has a real toughness to his game. Plays an athletic game and is just scratching the surface of his potential.

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS speed, size, good hands, toughness

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT  absorbing contact, continued reps, acceleration when changing directions

Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee

EVALUATED 01/29/2024

Tyler MarionTyler Marion
Six Star Football Regional Scout

✅  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A very impressive looking speed play maker from CBC, this junior gem really works the sidelines well, has some very good hands, and is one of those guys that can make the tough catches, speed down the field is there to make the big plays happen.  Gets some good distance and separation as a explosive WR into his routes and is one of those guys that can break down the field as a burner and be a very tough one on one matchup to try and cover in  man to man defense. 

✅  ANALYSIS: A very athletic and fast play maker, some very good hands, a top route runner that can make a big catch, punched his ticket to the FINALS with one very big showing at the Kickoff '24 St. Louis Showcase. Will be looking to be one of the go to seniors for the always high powered offense at CBC this season ahead and could have a very big year as a top athlete among WRs to know in St. Louis.  A good frame with some size at 6-1, 190 to make some big plays and go up and over DBs down the field. 

✅  GREATEST STRENGTHS: athletic, speedy, good hands, good footwork, and good route runner


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