Six Star 250
MO #90

QB #15

Jourdyn Edelstein


Position QB
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EVALUATED 01/02/2022

Anthony AlfieriAnthony Alfieri
Six Star Football Lead Scout

▪️  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT A smart and athletic player who can see time on both sides of the ball. He is a two-way prospect who can see time as both a quarterback and a safety or cornerback, showing the speed and mobility needed to do well wherever he's listed. He has been working hard and takes coaching and instruction well. A player who has some potential in his game given his athleticism, work ethic and ability to make things happen on his own.

▪️  ANALYSIS A mobile athlete who can scramble and buy time in the backfield. He has a good arm and can make throws across his body and find his receivers in stride or on their back shoulder. At times he can rush a play but he has potential and the ability to make off script plays both creating on the ground and making throws. He is at his best when he sets his feet and has time to step into his throes. Sees the field well inside and out. Also good at coming away with the ball as a versatile DB. Has some physicality to his game and has some acceleration and ability to help teammates finish plays as well.

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS athletic, mobile, versatile athlete, speed, puts the ball where he wants it

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT more reps at the position, quick to move out of the pocket, progression work


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