Mason Skimbo

Position LB
College -

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Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee


Anthony AlfieriAnthony Alfieri
Six Star Football Lead Scout

▪️  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT A young player for Willburton who shows up and looks to compete. He is an energetic player who was able to sharpen his tools and play against good competition, responded positively for his age and was processing information and coaching well. He played hard and was improving and showing better anticipation and ability to get to a spot before receivers and RBs. Has solid hands and can even come away with the ball himself at times.  

▪️  ANALYSIS He’s a developing prospect who is young but has some potential. He showed some versatility as an athlete and was eager to learn fakes and ways to avoid RBs blocking. Has good speed to start and can get to the ball carrier quickly. He plants his feet and changes directions and does a good job tracking opponents and keeping his eyes on the ball carrier. A player who was able to improve quickly and was learning a lot of moves for the position on the fly. Can get across the field well, makes good decisions in space and showed the ability to make strong contact.

▪️ GREATEST STRENGTHS mobility, solid footwork, plays hard in game situations/drills/technique training 

▪️ AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT needs to become more familiar with schemes, needs to sell the sweep/give RB shoulder, physicality, strength training

Anthony Alfieri (@AnthAlfieri) is the official scout of Six Star Football’s Scouting Service. He has spent the last six years working for NFL and Division I Power 5 programs, graduating from Oregon State where he later worked as a recruiting assistant. He has also worked for the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Washington. See more about his work here.

Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee

EVALUATED 04/13/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A junior RB/MLB who shows solid size and pairs it with solid athletic ability. Skimbo is a player who gives great effort each play, and will do what is necessary for his team. He is an instinctual player, and it shows in his play on the field. He shows a consistent ability to pursue the ball carrier on defense, and that same competitive toughness can be seen as a runner as well, as he shows good effort there as well. He should develop well over the offseason, and make some noise this upcoming fall. 

✅ANALYSIS: Solid height and solid weight with room to add weight to his frame. He shows solid athletic ability as well, displaying solid speed, change of direction, and balance. As a runner, he maintains good pad level, and is patient in following his blocks. He is able to gain positive yards due to his good competitive toughness and a willingness to not go down. On defense, he shows good effort in pursuit, and a solid understanding of his defensive scheme to relate to WRs and TEs in coverage. His mental processing paired with his competitive toughness allow him to succeed.

✅GREATEST STRENGTHS: Mental Processing, Competitive toughness, Technique


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