Six Star 250
MO #115

WR #14

Nathan Hatcher


Position WR
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EVALUATED 01/31/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

✅  SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A junior pure speed prospect that played WR for DeSmet, Hatcher
showed that he was one of the elite looking targets in the lineup, an excellent route runner that gets into his routes quickly off the line, Hatcher shows he can make a big play in the long game or create space after a short catch and motor up the field with his speed. Hatcher, who reports a 40 yard dash time of 4.5, earned All-Conference and All-District honors, and is one of the WRs that is very good at getting open and using his speed down the field, a play maker that can run past the coverage and get open for big plays. Hatcher also reports a 37 inch vertical as a WR that can sky for the football if he needs to. 

✅  ANALYSIS: Hatcher is one of the most impressive looking sure handed WR prospects in the Missouri junior class, a smooth route runner, has a knack for good spacing and finding good open areas to make big plays happen.  A player that has a good natural  feel for the game, good speed, and is one of those well put together physical frames a WR that can use excellent spacing and footwork to be one of the most effective go to WRs in the DeSmet lineup. 

✅  GREATEST STRENGTHS: Speed, footwork,  mobility, athletic, high football IQ, good hands, explosive


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