Tony Isaac

Tony Isaac

SchoolTulsa Central
Position DE
College -

Scouting Report

Showcase Attendee

SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A junior DL who has solid height and weight for his position and age, and plays with good play strength and instincts. He also shows good athletic ability from the defensive line, showing a consistent ability to move well in short spaces. His play strength and technique allow him to not give up much ground at all, and maintain good gap integrity. He is good vs the run and the pass, as he is able to use his play strength and technique combination to defend both the run and the pass. He is a solid tackler as well, and it is tough for ball carriers to break tackles once he wraps them up. Expect Isaac to be a name to watch at Tulsa Central. 

✅ANALYSIS: Solid height and solid weight. Displays good athletic ability, due to solid speed, acceleration, and foot quickness. While also displaying good play strength. Shows solid initial quickness off the ball, due to an ability to beat his opponent to the spot. His play strength and football intelligence allows him to maintain good gap integrity vs the run. He also shows a good job at maintaining pass rush lanes and disrupting the middle of the pocket. He shows good technique vs the run and the pass, due to good foot placement, punch strike timing, hand placement, and football intelligence. Isaac shows a good ability to secure tackles both in the backfield and shedding at the line of scrimmage. His competitive toughness is solid as well, as he gives good effort consistently.

✅GREATEST STRENGTHS: Play Strength, Football IQ / Instincts, Technique


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