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Triston Abram


Position DE
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EVALUATED 02/02/2024

Tyler MarionTyler Marion
Six Star Football Regional Scout

 SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A Junior DL who already has offers from D1 schools, Abram shows a very good combination of size, athletic ability, and play strength. He plays with good gap integrity vs the run, while still making plays behind the line of scrimmage with consistency. He is able to take on blocks and use his play strength or athletic ability to shed the defender and makes plays. His technique in the run game is good as well, as he puts himself in good positions to execute. As a pass rusher, he is able to win with speed or power, and consistently makes plays in the backfield. His competitive toughness and pursuit is impressive as well, and he also shows good leadership traits. Expect to hear Abram’s name over the course of next season. 

  ✅ ANALYSIS: Very good height with good weight. Very good athletic ability, showing good speed, acceleration, change of direction, bend, and balance. As a run defender, he consistently puts himself in good positions to execute his assignment, due to good use of hands, foot quickness / drive, and overall play strength and speed. He is a disciplined player and able to maintain gap integrity and execute the objective of the defense. Abram shows a very good ability to rush the passer, displaying good ability as a speed rusher, power rusher, and can use speed to power very well. His use of hands and footwork, paired with his initial quickness off the ball, provide an ability to get by his opponent. His competitive toughness and motor is impressive as well, as he frequently is providing great energy play in and play out. 

GREATEST STRENGTHS: Size, Athletic Ability, Play Strength, Play Speed


College Offers

KansasKansasCircle Check

Kent StateKent StateCircle Check

ToledoToledoCircle Check

CincinnatiCincinnatiCircle Check

IndianaIndianaCircle Check

Committed Check= Committed

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