Zayden Hamilton

Zayden Hamilton

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EVALUATED 04/14/2024

Aaron JenningsAaron Jennings
Midwest Regional Scouting Director

SIX STAR FOOTBALL SCOUTING REPORT: A young rising LB in the Oklahoma class of 2028 who shows a solid tackling skills and lateral quickness combination, and pairs it with solid athletic ability. He plays for one of the best programs in the state of Oklahoma, and consistently helped his defense get stops. Hamilton is a gritty competitor who plays gap sound defense and was able to make plays within the scheme. He shines against the run, showing a good ability to engage, shed, and secure the tackle. His competitive toughness is a key feature of his game as well, showing a consistent pursuit for the football. Zayden will be a name to watch next season.

ANALYSIS: Good athletic looking frame, with room to add weight to his frame. Solid athletic ability, showing good balance, lateral agility, and foot quickness, with solid speed, acceleration and change of direction. Plays with solid initial quickness to diagnose and react. Good physical toughness to take on blocks and maintain gap integrity. Good ability to engage and shed, due to his use of hands and competitive toughness. In pass coverage, he shows solid technique to execute his part of the defensive scheme, consistently dropping to a good depth with solid reaction time and instincts. Good competitive toughness throughout his game, showing a relentless effort to help his team win. 

GREATEST STRENGTHS: speed, lateral movement, open field tackling, Mental Processing, Competitive Toughness, Technique


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